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Solving obstacles comes from having experience in life. Thus may lead to creativity in the world.

I wonder what is happening to the world…And why irremediable diseases have started to create epidemic in our bodies and steal the happiness of our children and kill their future dreams.

It is undeniable that the polluted and enriched food with chemical additive can be a clue for our health damage. It is also the war that had been brought by the human being on the environment, which has threatened and destroyed our health and the health of the coming generations.

Therefore, why don't we go back to nature and make an effort to search for healthy alternative of food. Beside that, why don't we help the earth to get rid of its heavy catastrophe? And work on rebuilding our bodies and save it from fatal diseases.

Here comes our first step on the right path, "ORGANIC HOUSE" has been established to be the prime base toward the enjoyment of the best food.

Thus, every morning we procure new and fresh organic food from different parts of the world.

"Organic House" was established by Moh'd Daghmash in 2006, to be the first organic food outlet in Oman. The company sells a variety of organic products consisting of fruits, vegetables, foodstuff and some cosmetics products.

Vividly there is no comparison between organic and conventional food, however organic foods avoid the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on land during cultivation. By avoiding chemicals the farm remains biologically balanced and keeps food beneficially grown.

Finally as we all deserve to enjoy healthy food, let us together try to spread the awareness of this kind of food. We promise to do our best in motivating your needs and dreams of having a healthy life and safe food.

All the best

Moh'd Daghmash
Managing Director

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